Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America

Columbias - The Best in the Barn!

Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America


The Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America is an organization of breeders of purebred Columbia sheep for the purpose of keeping records of such sheep and the promotion of the mutual interest of the members.

Since its beginning in 1941, the Association has dedicated itself to the registration and improvement of Columbia sheep. The founders of the Association believed that a trial of Columbias with other breeds would show the superiority of Columbias. This belief has been proven true by the phenomenal growth of the Columbia breed. In 2016, the CSBA celebrated 75 years of great sheep and wonderful breeders.

The foundation of the Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America is built on the superior qualities of Columbias which make them the most profitable sheep to produce. Our ewes are bred for their superior mothering abilities. In addition, Columbia lambs make larger gains on grass and less feed plus their uniformity in quality and the prepotency of Columbia sires combine to make Columbias the world's most productive breed of sheep. Over 400,000 Columbias have been registered in the Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America records.         

 Columbia Sheep Brochure                                                                   

Board of Directors

President - Lynn Frey (ND) 701-720-5036 [email protected]  TERM: 2018-2020

Vice President - Steve Hampson (MA) 978-761-5824 [email protected] TERM: 2018-2020


Ron Brandt (CA) 209-704-1073 [email protected]  TERM: 2017-2019

Rolland Aschim (OR) 503-357-4152 [email protected] TERM: 2018-2020


Janelle Bredahl (CO) 917-771-0515 [email protected] TERM: 2017-2019

Margaret Eller (MT) 406-264-5426 [email protected]


Mike Geerts (IL) 815-772-3050 [email protected] TERM: 2017-2019

Sara Hildebrandt (WI) 715-340-4812 [email protected] TERM 2018-2020


Tom Hendricks (IN) 701-371-8529 TERM: 2017-2019

At Large

Marie Baumer (WI) 608-769-3591 [email protected]  TERM: 2017-2019

Mark Eagleson (MO) 701-658-9208 [email protected]  TERM: 2017-2019

David Brown (ND) 701-840-7598 [email protected] TERM 2018-2020

Contact information

Columbia Registry Office, Memberships, Transfers:

All-American Registry 

c/o Charlie Worm, Executive Secretary  

PO Box 722 

Lakefield, MN 56150

Phone # - 507-360-2160 

Fax # - 507-662-6294 

Email - [email protected]

For bills:

Charles Worm, Phone (507) 360-2160 or [email protected]

Contact for breed information/advertising/sponsorships/website

[email protected]



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